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Piece of the Week: Smoky Quartz Ring

Posted by Danny on

The piece we are featuring this week is a smoky quartz ring! Quartz has long been known for it's healing and mystical properties, and smoky quartz is no different. Smoky quartz is said to have powers to protect you from negativity, and to also amplify the power of other stones you might be wearing. Nevertheless, it's brown hues perfectly compliment any outfit during the Fall season! 

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Piece of the Week: Rough Amethyst Pendant

This week we are featuring a fantastic piece of amethyst in the rough, combined with Balinese scroll type pattern. The rough amethyst is polished, simultaneously providing a rustic look and a classy finish. 

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Piece of the Week: Larimar Earrings

This week we are taking a look at one of our specialty pieces - a pair of dangling earrings, put on French wire, with 2 beautiful larimar stones. The piece is handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. You can stare into the larimar as if you were staring right into the water. 

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Opals of the World

Continuing on with the theme of the month, we will discuss another topic surrounding opals. Did you know that there are many different kinds of opals, and that opals can be found all across the world. It turns out that while Australia's opal production dominates the opal market (around 95% or so of the world's [...]

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October is Opal Month - Tips for Caring for Opals

Continuing with the theme of October, we bring you some more helpful info about opals! While opals are known for their unique radiant beauty, one of the drawbacks to owning them is their propensity for cracking. Lab created opals offer the benefit of being very hard, which is an advantage over real opals, but they [...]

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Myth Busting: Is It Ok to Wear Opal if It's Not My Birthstone?

One of the birthstones for the month of October is opal. The other is pink tourmaline, but opal is the better known of the 2 stones. It is also a stone that is given to celebrate the 14th wedding anniversary, but we won't focus on that for this blog post. More so, we want to [...]

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Fall is Here! Here 3 Colors You Can Wear This Fall

We are now officially into the start of Fall 2018! Or, Autumn if you prefer. With the arrival of the Fall season is also the arrival of new colors. Unless you live out in a desert, the colors of our outdoors is changing. The lush green of the trees and grass gives way to more [...]

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Determining the Value of Gemstones Using The 4 C's

When determining the quality of various gemstones, especially diamonds, there are 4 different factors that contribute to the overall value of a given gemstone. Those 4 factors all begin with the letter C, and while they are most often used to help value diamonds, they apply to other gemstones as well. We will be referring [...]

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5 Ways Gemstones Get Treated That Most People Don't Think About

A question we often get about our jewelry is: are these real stones? We carry a wide selection of both gemstones and natural stones, and some CZ's (synthetic stones), so of course it's a fair question to ask. The short answer to the question is yes, the vast majority of our stones are real. The [...]

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FAQ: Does Sterling Silver Tarnish? Will It Turn My Fingers Green?

One of the most common questions we receive from customers about our jewelry is whether it will tarnish, or if it will turn their fingers green. Well, there's good news and bad news, sort of...Yes, sterling silver does tarnish (that's the bad news). The good news? It's not going to turn your fingers green. Here's [...]

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