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Fall is Here! Here 3 Colors You Can Wear This Fall

Posted by Danny Mosco on

We are now officially into the start of Fall 2018! Or, Autumn if you prefer. With the arrival of the Fall season is also the arrival of new colors. Unless you live out in a desert, the colors of our outdoors is changing. The lush green of the trees and grass gives way to more brightly colored orange, yellow, brown, and golden tones. These are the more earthy colors, if you will. While most jewelry is good to wear in all seasons, we want to mention a few colors that could be good to wear this fall. 

1. Earthy Colored Gems

There are various gems out there that represent the various colors that we normally associate with Fall. Look towards gems like citrine, smoky quartz, yellow diamonds, and topaz, just to name a few. Citrine is like a match made in heaven with Fall, as it exhibits the exact blend of yellow and brown hues that we see in the changing leaves and in many other places. Yellow diamonds, while not as valuable and clear as white ones, are gaining in popularity. Diamonds which have that light yellow and brownish tones are formed that way due to the presence of some kind of element in the crystal structure that affects how light gets absorbed into the stone. The term "champagne diamond" was coined by the Rio Tinto diamond mine because they wanted to make their brown diamonds sound more luxurious and appealing. Nevertheless, they possess a beauty of their own and work great for Fall!

2. Earthy Colored Stones

There are other naturally occurring stones out there that wouldn't be referred to as gems, but they certainly are used to make beautiful jewelry. Look at Amber, Jasper, and Agate as examples of stones that would work very well for Fall colors. What makes amber an interesting choice is in a sense, you are wearing what was once a tree. After all, amber is essentially derived from fossilized remains of long ago extinct trees. That is a very simple way of putting it, of course, but what better way to be in touch with Fall than to be wearing what was a part of a tree?  

3. Rose Gold

Rose gold is a great option to wear during Fall just because of the color of the metal itself. While rose gold isn't exactly the same yellowish color you see outside during Fall, it comes pretty darn close. The funny thing is, rose gold isn't technically gold, in the sense that by definition, it is not pure gold. It is what is called an alloy, which simply means any mixture of metals. You could call it blended whiskey, not a single malt, if you will. Rose gold comes about when pure yellow gold is mixed with silver and copper. The copper is what gives it that pinkish tinge that we all recognize. The higher the karat amount, the more pure gold is in it. Because of the strength copper provides as a metal, it really adds durability to rose gold, making it a great metal to wear everyday.

There you have it! Those are just a few quick suggestions for you as you are looking for things to wear during the Fall season.

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